Shop Local- BHM

What does it mean to shop local?

Shopping local means to make the conscious decision to support local stores, brands, and communities every day. It has become trendy in recent years but in reality its been the vast majority of commerce for centuries before "big" brands began to take over.

When you shop local you support families, friends, and neighbors who typically often purchase from local businesses and service providers. Shopping local helps not only local businesses but also the local community in many ways.

What is local for Sol-Era? 

Birmingham, AL, the Magic City, the Iron City, the Steel City, the 205. So many names, one great place!

How can you shop Sol-Era locally?

Introducing our partnership with the Original Green Acres Cafe, a southern fried chicken staple since 1946. Green Acres Cafe is the sure example of local business. Founded by William J. Gratton, a black man from the small town of Atmore, Alabama, Mr. Gratton established the first Green Acres Cafe over in the North Birmingham community to provide simple yet salivating fried chicken lunches or grab a bag of fresh cut fries for just ten cents. The signature chicken wing meal with "all the way" sauce is a major crowd favorite.

Stop on by the original Green Acres Cafe in it's starting location over in the North Birmingham area. Try our favorite 6 piece extra all the way with lemon pepper and also you can find a few of our signature sunglasses collection inside for sale. Pick up a Green Acres tee or hat and look out also for a collection collaboration coming in the very near future.