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February 14, 2022 3 min read

Today can be rough for many of us who are single and not seriously dating anyone....or it can be a celebration of loving yourself! Never forget that you deserve to be loved and not only by others, but by YOU! Self-love is healthy, its beautiful and it's therapeutic in so many ways. To help you with some ideas of how to show yourself a little love today, we have gathered a list of 10 ways you can spread a little love within yourself today

1. Show gratitude! Gratitude for who you are, the uniqueness of what all makes you, you. Gratitude for what you have. Gratitude for what you are becoming in the future. You will attract so much more when you are thankful for what you are and have now.

2. Fight the negatives with the positives. That includes people. We are so much better off when we delete the negative thoughts, feelings, and people out of our lives and replace them with good, wholesome and happy thoughts, feelings and people.

3. Get on a routine! I can not stress the importance of fulfilling a daily list and the endorphins that are supercharged when you check everything off the list. No matter if it's a morning, midday, night or all day, practice daily practices that help to show some love to those feel good endorphins inside of you.

4. Give yourself a gift. If your love language is receiving gifts then why aren't you giving them to yourself every once in a while. Be sure to put some thought into it.

5. Unapologetically celebrate yourself! No matter the wins big or small, celebrate them all. If you aren't willing to root for you why would you expect someone else to.

6. Touch yourself. Run yourself a bathe, give yourself a pedicure, lather your skin with some scented body oils. Get in touch with your self-touch. For someone who craves physical touch in a relationship, bodily self-care is the ultimate euphoria. (If doing it yourself isn't working for you, go pay a professional for a sensual massage.)

7. Talk to you nicely. We all need affirmations and reassurance at some point in our lives. Giving them to ourselves is not only healthy it's highly encouraged by most therapy professionals. Get in that mirror and talk to you nice!

8. Spend some time with you. Focusing on your wants, your needs, your likes and your loves. Go out and find your next favorite hobby or go for a walk. Spending time with yourself is the best way to find out what you truly like and desire in this life.

9. Clean your space. Reorganize your space. Redecorate your space. Your space is should be one that is calming, peaceful and ultimately safe. You are going to want to feel good things when you walk into it after dealing with the world everyday. So take care of it. Just like with your body, if you spend time investing in it's care, then it will become it's best self for you.

10. Don't care about the opinions of others. I know, easier said than done, however, once you've mastered this skill it is phenomenally freeing. You can be the best of the best in the world and there will still be someone out there in the world who will call you less than. Jealousy and envy are real emotions and you do not have to be a victim to them. You can simply exist without subscribing to the hateful commentary of others.

Remember that when practicing self love you're not only just shoving chocolates down your throat you are shattering limiting beliefs and building yourself up to be the unconquerable bad a** that I know you can be!