Begin Again!

Posted by Kirsten Smith on

It’s technically by way of a calendar the 25th day of the new year. By now you’ve either gotten really good in your consistency at working towards your goals or like many (myself included) you’ve slacked a little bit. Heck maybe even you’ve slacked completely. Today is a beautiful moment for re-evaluation in my eyes. Nine times out of ten you probably gave up on some goal you were heading towards because the path you took to get to it was rough, it sucked, it was horrible and all the way wrong. The beauty of that though? You’ve got six days to research, reevaluate and resource how to begin again. 
Yes, I’m fully aware that January is almost over but who really said you can’t start a new year in February. If you want and you will it, you can do it! I want to challenge you all to begin again this next month. You now know what didn’t work, and what didn’t feel right to you. Take these next few days to carve out a new plan of action. Maybe you need to find an accountability partner (hey, I'm also looking for one so maybe we can help each other on that), or maybe you need to get my organized, or maybe even you tried to go too hard too fast and it’s time to slow down a bit. You’ve t-minus 6 days to figure out a new plan of action and begin again. 
Let’s go, you can do this! Hey if you’re willing to, respond to this email and let me know where you’re at and where you’re trying to get to. I’ll respond with my goals and we can hold each other accountable! Thanks for reading...the clock starts now! Let’s get back focused!


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